How it all started...


Lisa was exposed firsthand to the horror of human trafficking when she and her husband travelled to the Philipines to adopt their daughter.  During this trip, she learned that children in orphanages and on the streets as young as the toddler she was bringing home can wind up being trafficked.  Lisa returned to Wisconsin a forever changed person.  Over the next years, she poured over the internet looking for a way to travel to places where trafficking was happening.  She wanted to learn, to get involved and to make a difference.

International Advocacy


Beginning in 2009, trips to Cambodia and Nicaragua allowed Lisa to work with advocates that specialized in international rescues.  She witnessed heartbreaking situations, but was also part of a movement that brought hope to people being victimized.

No Place Is Immune


Through Lisa'a training, travel, and hands-on work, her knowledge about trafficking led her to understand that it is literally happening everywhere.  What started in her mind as an "international issue" could no longer be looked at in this way.  Lisa aligned with an organization in Las Vegas and traveled there several times to assist with outreaches.  She pursued education and training, and then brought everything she learned over the years back to Wisconsin.  Today, Damascus Road has grown to have nearly a dozen trained volunteers, and serves victims in our local communities. 


Our volunteer staff brings with them great training and experience!


Lisa began her work with human trafficking advocacy in 2009 in Cambodia with World Hope International. She has traveled to Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles for extensive training in the field of human trafficking. Lisa is the former Wisconsin State Representative for FREE International. In January 2015 she joined a team of advocates for Super Bowl outreach in Phoenix, AZ. Working with In Our Back Yard 365, she provided training, victim outreach, and provided law enforcement with leads. In 2015 Lisa traveled to Nicaragua with the organization Breaking Chains to help the victims of sex trafficking on the streets and in brothels. Damascus Road was founded in 2013 by Lisa to more directly serve the needs of local victims of human sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.  She has completed GEMS Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) Training, National Resource Center on Justice Involved Women Training, Treasures Sex Industry Care and Outreach Training, International Christian Alliance on Prostitution Global Summit Training and training through the Wisconsin Department of Justice/Wisconsin U.S. Attorneys' Offices Human Trafficking Conferences. Lisa volunteers as an advocate for trafficking victims and educates community groups throughout Wisconsin and the US.


 Kelly has her BA in Interpersonal Communications from UW-Milwaukee. She has since completed additional coursework in Business Management, at UW-Madison, Child Development through MATC and Human Trafficking through both Moody Bible Institute, and Stanford University On-Line. She has completed Treasures Sex Industry Care and Outreach Training, and training through the Wisconsin Human Trafficking Conference and ICAP Global.  Kelly has served as an Americorp volunteer, and a youth mentor. She currently volunteers with Damascus Road as a survivor advocate, participates in jail outreach, street outreach and community education.  Kelly manages the web presence, coordinates services, public relations and fundraising. 


 Terra began her work in human trafficking in 2009. She has served victims in Las Vegas, NV, Wisconsin, and across the country. Terra has coordinated six Super Bowl Outreaches, and several other trafficking-related events. In 2010, Terra founded the annual rally in Oshkosh for Human Trafficking Awareness Day. She has also completed training through GEMS Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC), the Wisconsin Human Trafficking Conference and ICAP Global. Terra volunteers with Damascus Road, currently recruiting and training volunteers to raise awareness by conducting hospitality outreaches and awareness day activities in their communities.