Domestic Sex Trafficking


Traffickers/Pimps use physical, emotional, and psychological abuse to coerce children and young women into a life of sex trafficking. Traffickers are master manipulators using tactics that create a trauma bond between the victim and the trafficker.

Las Vegas, NV

Contrary to what many people think, prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas but the whole “ What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” media campaign and attitude has led tourists to believe that they can purchase commercial sex or engage in sex tourism without arrest or punishment. Vegas is one of the top 10 trafficking locations in the world. Nevada is the only state that allows for legalized prostitution. Currently, there are 25 legal licensed brothels in the state of Nevada.

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta has a thriving adult sex industry. There are approximately 4,000 dancers/strippers who work at the over 40 adult clubs in the metro area.  Atlanta’s underground sex trade is larger than Seattle, D.C., and Denver’s combined. Some Atlanta pimps are bringing in $33,000 per week- which is 1.7 million dollars per year- tax free. Atlanta has developed a national reputation as a sexual tourist destination. Internet sex guides and blogs offer comprehensive guides to escort services and specific